Mumbai – a city that never sleeps

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I was in mumbai for the weekend. I had gone with my friends to enjoy my short vacation after the exams… My engineering exams brain-fuck me(and i guess it applies to all Engineers) ! After 3 weeks of immense frustration,i got a deserved break from ENGINEERING…………! My friends decided to visit Mumbai for the weekend and i was up for it!

We left for Mumbai in a local train from Pune. When we entered Mumbai, all i saw was people and a lot of people…As soon as we approached Dadar, big crowds started entering the local….everyone was busy and looked like a warrior going for war…(lol :D)… On a serious note, everyone seemed busy in their work schedule… no one had the time to look around and talk….No sooner did we reach V.T ,than people began to head towards their work places…. It was pleasant to see how much people in Mumbai are passionate or i guess dedicated towards their work…As they say, railway is undoubtedly the heart of Mumbai… Most of the people here travel by the local trains… The frequency of the locals in Mumbai is too high and hence it is a practical as well as economical way of public transport.

From V.T, we visited the nearby places and then we headed for Lammington Rd. It is an awesome place full of computer related hardware shops….It looks like Heaven in the eyes of a computer geek…! And i am no exception…After Kushal(my friend….obviously a computer geek) dragged us from one shop to another searching for motherboards for his new desktop, we hardly had any time left for lunch.Rates offered on Lammington street are unbelievably low…Later we arrived at the IMAX theater (Its a dome-theatre….where u really feel the 3-D effect of the movies). Its a decent place to hangout. But due to the mismanagement there, we were made to wait for 3 hours to watch THE DARK KNIGHT……After waiting for 3 long hours, the IMAX staff were unable to present the 6.00 pm show due to some ‘TECHNICAL PROBLEMS’. Tired of traveling and fighting with the IMAX staff , ,we decided to call it a day…

The next morning,all of us were excited , as we were going to visit WATER KINGDOM . Its a place with many water slides and wave-pools etc…After reaching there we changed into our swim-wear and started to treat ourselves with the fun WATER KINGDOM had to offer …. It was fun…The breath-taking slides gave an adrenalin rush…. After the slides we headed for the wave pool to enjoy the artificial-beach waves and then we entered the LAZY RIVER where we drifted lazily in the water … It was relaxing….

As the sun was setting, we started our journey back to Pune. It had been a fun and adventurous( roaming in locals and BEST buses and the water slides) trip. The trip had somehow brought all of us together and Mumbai had given us a lot of sweet memories to remember it by.I salute the city for its never-say-die-attitude…. People living in Mumbai come from different castes, backgrounds, religions and cultures… But still the city dwells in harmony….People of Mumbai struggle each and everyday in the crowds to survive… Mumbai ensures survival of the fittest…. And truth be told, i don’t think that i can ever match the energy and zeal of a ‘Mumbaikar’ ! It truly is a city that never sleeps and nurtures the dreams of millions of people who make make Mumbai special……!


Life at COEP….

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I.T studentThis picture perfectly depicts the frustation of a computer science student..!

After spending about three years in COEP i wonder what might be the best way to define  ENGINEERING…..


  1. Backlogs ?
  2. Mass bunking?
  3. Hanging out at the college cafeteria?
  4. Boring lectures?
  5. Copying in exams……..


I guess all the above mentioned points could well sum-up the concept of Engineering…!


       After the 12th grade, getting into COEP was like a dream come true. It was more of a nightmare than a dream i guess.. The unrealistic  deadlines for submissions,the  intimidating  syllabus ( that too without any help from the professors )  has transformed  me into a person i fail to recognize in the mirror.  Staying away from my family made me feel as if i was lonely in this ruthless world. Gradually loneliness started creeping in. The silence inside me was deafening.  Adjusting to a new life was difficult. The ever-mounting frustration gave me  plenty of sleepless nights. I started cheating in exams(:D), bunking lectures for no plausible reasons and staying up all night with friends just for the sake of fun…. In a way, i am happy that i have done all the wrong things that i possibly could and now i can make things right! 


      Like i said, i have had a love-hate relationship with engineering. I have some sweet memories of  COEP  that i would cherish all my life. I have also committed some mistakes that i regret. But who doesnt go wrong? “To err is human”. Life is all about falling down and then rising up to learn from one’s mistakes. Falling down isn’t failure, but staying down is ! Given a chance, i would not change a single moment from my past, because without my past i wouldn’t have been the person i am today. Life in COEP has made me discerning and maybe a little cynical. Before enginnering, i was a scrupulous kid. But with time, i have become carefree and i try to give my best and i never think about the rest.  I owe a lot to engineering!!!