Life at COEP….

I.T studentThis picture perfectly depicts the frustation of a computer science student..!

After spending about three years in COEP i wonder what might be the best way to define  ENGINEERING…..


  1. Backlogs ?
  2. Mass bunking?
  3. Hanging out at the college cafeteria?
  4. Boring lectures?
  5. Copying in exams……..


I guess all the above mentioned points could well sum-up the concept of Engineering…!


       After the 12th grade, getting into COEP was like a dream come true. It was more of a nightmare than a dream i guess.. The unrealistic  deadlines for submissions,the  intimidating  syllabus ( that too without any help from the professors )  has transformed  me into a person i fail to recognize in the mirror.  Staying away from my family made me feel as if i was lonely in this ruthless world. Gradually loneliness started creeping in. The silence inside me was deafening.  Adjusting to a new life was difficult. The ever-mounting frustration gave me  plenty of sleepless nights. I started cheating in exams(:D), bunking lectures for no plausible reasons and staying up all night with friends just for the sake of fun…. In a way, i am happy that i have done all the wrong things that i possibly could and now i can make things right! 


      Like i said, i have had a love-hate relationship with engineering. I have some sweet memories of  COEP  that i would cherish all my life. I have also committed some mistakes that i regret. But who doesnt go wrong? “To err is human”. Life is all about falling down and then rising up to learn from one’s mistakes. Falling down isn’t failure, but staying down is ! Given a chance, i would not change a single moment from my past, because without my past i wouldn’t have been the person i am today. Life in COEP has made me discerning and maybe a little cynical. Before enginnering, i was a scrupulous kid. But with time, i have become carefree and i try to give my best and i never think about the rest.  I owe a lot to engineering!!!


~ by rohaann on January 29, 2009.

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